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Bio Blends

Cycle Essentials x 3

Using a potent blend of foods, plants and herbs, Cycle Essentials promotes healthy progesterone production. This additional support optimises your estrogen and progesterone ratio through each phase of your cycle, leading to a period that simply shows up.

The ingredients are also known to help foster good adrenal function – think less intense stress response – plus they assist with blood glucose regulation, to help curb the sweet cravings that can kick in as your period approaches.

Free of: gluten, dairy, soy, preservatives, sweeteners, artificial flavours, colours, GMOs.

Suitable for women of all ages and stages of their cycle (including menstruation, perimenopausal, menopausal or postmenopausal). Cycle Essentials assists the body to make the right amount of progesterone suitable for your body at your relevant stage of life. Not suitable during pregnancy or breastfeeding, or for people taking blood thinning medications.

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