Week One

In this week’s video Dr Libby introduces you to the challenge, explains why she created Bio Blends Organic Daily Greens and Radiant Reds, and offers some tips on how you can take this 28 day challenge even further. Check out the video below. 

As you kick off this challenge, take a moment to consider how you’re currently feeling.

You could make a note of this on the back of your challenge tracking card and rate (from 1-10) how you are feeling in various areas of your wellbeing:

  • Energy during the day (1 being low – 10 being outstanding)
  • Sleep quality (1 being poor – 10 being excellent) 
  • Waking refreshed (1 being exhausted – 10 being totally refreshed) 
  • Sugar cravings (1 being non-existent – 10 being uncontrollable)

These are some of the areas of health that many of our customers have noticed improvements in after taking Bio Blends Organic Daily Greens and Radiant Reds consistently. We hope that you see these numbers improve positively for you as the challenge progresses! 

Each week of the One Teaspoon Challenge you have the option to take part in a weekly prize challenge. This week you have the opportunity to win your choice of five Dr Libby books, which she will personally sign for you! 

To be in the running, all you need to do tag @bioblends in a post on your Instagram story letting us know how you’ve been taking your Organic Daily Greens and Radiant Reds.*

We will announce the winner in next week’s email, along with a new challenge for week two! 

From all of us here in the Bio Blends team, we wish you the best of luck in this week’s prize challenge and we look forward to sharing this journey with you over the next four weeks – we’re all doing it too!

With warmth,

Dr Libby and the Bio Blends Team x


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