The infective bugs that cause colds, flus and other illnesses are always floating around. It’s part of the world we live in.

But while some people catch just about everything going around, others seem to get through unscathed. So much of this comes down to your immune resilience.

When it comes to the strength of your immune system, it can be helpful to think of it like a moat around a castle. It’s much more effective to build a strong moat that keeps unwanted visitors at bay, than it is to try and evict them once they’re already inside.

So how do you build a strong immune system?

One of the most important nutrients for a well-functioning immune system is zinc. This superstar mineral enables our immune cells to develop and function properly, and helps to protect against collateral damage when we’re fighting an infection. It’s also vital in the healing of wounds, and is important for numerous digestive functions. In fact, zinc is involved in over 300 processes inside the body—so you can imagine how in demand it is!

Our body can’t make zinc, so all of our intake needs to come from what we put in our mouth. Really think about that.

Zinc is found in oysters, red meat and pumpkin seeds, and there are also small amounts in other seeds and eggs. If you’re not consuming these frequently, particularly the animal sources which tend to be more bioavailable, you may not be getting optimal amounts of zinc.

If your body is silently whispering for more zinc, some of the signs and symptoms you may notice include:

  • Frequent colds, flus or infections
  • Cuts and other wounds heal slowly
  • Skin challenges – particularly breakouts, acne, rougher skin and easy scarring
  • White spots on fingernails (these can also be related to a damaged nail bed and other mineral deficiencies)
  • Hair loss
  • Poor digestion
  • Menstrual cycle symptoms
  • Elevated cholesterol
  • Low energy and low moods

So how can you amp up your zinc levels to support your immune system and build an effective moat around your castle?

The number one thing you can do, is to increase your intake of zinc- rich foods, daily.

The second thing to consider is adding a zinc supplement. While we always advocate getting as many vitamins and minerals from the food you eat, it may also be necessary for many people to supplement. You don’t want your body living each day yearning for more zinc!

This is why we made our zinc supplement. Organic Zinc Extract is made by taking the guava plant and concentrating its zinc content into each capsule. It’s almost like a little hack to boost your “food” intake of zinc. Each bottle of Organic Zinc Extract contains one month’s supply and the dosage is best taken at night, just before bed.

If you feel your immune system could use some more support, try making a real effort to increase your zinc intake and help your body to build an effective moat to protect your precious castle. If you feel like you need additional support, grab some Organic Zinc Extract here.


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