Many people assume that the best way to get their bowels moving effortlessly is to focus on the lower half of the digestive system. They often do this by increasing their fibre intake. For some, this may be effective. However, for many, getting their bowels to function optimally actually starts much higher up their digestive tract. 

While every part of the digestive tract contributes to the overall functioning of the bowels, there are two stand outs—your teeth and your gallbladder. 

How well you chew your food has a direct impact on how well your bowels function. Plus, the action of chewing stimulates stomach acid production, crucial for the continued break down of your food. 

Your gallbladder stores your bile, which has been made by your liver. Bile is released from the gallbladder whenever you eat any type of fats. It’s also needed to help eliminate fat soluble substances that could be problematic if they accumulated inside you, such as pesticides and excess estrogen. If you’ve had your gallbladder removed, your liver must make bile on demand (so it’s really important to care for your liver if this is the case!). 

The gallbladder is so important when it comes to getting your bowels functioning optimally because the bile it stores essentially ‘wraps up’ or emulsifies any fats or fat soluble toxins and helps with their effortless passage through the rest of the digestive system. If your gallbladder is slow or sluggish to release bile—either because it’s not getting the message to release it, or because the liver is ‘overwhelmed’—then traffic can get somewhat backed up (if you know what we mean 💩!).

To wake up the gallbladder, you want to increase your intake of bitter foods and herbs—mostly from green leafy vegetables. Historically, in the wild, anything ‘bitter’ could have been harmful to us, so our wise body prepares for elimination whenever it senses bitter. When the gallbladder receives the message that we’ve eaten something bitter it releases bile and this helps with all the existing fat and fat soluble toxins that may have been awaiting elimination. 

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For best results we recommend taking Bio Blends Liver Love for three months, or for as long as you are appreciating the benefits.