For many people, a bloated tummy is a regular, sometimes every day, occurrence and can be the bane of their lives. Bloating can be created by myriad factors — sometimes it’s food intolerances or poor digestion, sometimes a sex hormone imbalance or an overworked liver. Supporting the body system that is not functioning optimally is the key to effectively manage and resolve bloating.

For those of you experiencing bloating and looking for some relief, here are some of the common issues to help you identify which body system might need support:


Sex Hormone Imbalance

If your bloating rolls around once a month along with your menstrual cycle, it’s likely that your bloating is caused by either too much estrogen, not enough progesterone, or both. This is often referred to as estrogen dominance. This could be due to compromised liver function (see below for more on this) or a relentless output of stress hormones interfering with good progesterone production. Estrogen wants a menstruating female to conceive every month of her life – whether that is in her plans or not! As a result of this, estrogen makes sure that there is adequate body fat to ensure that the brand-new foetus survives. An estrogen imbalance can therefore also lead to additional fat storage, particularly around the thighs, bottom and hips, to better serve the childbirth process. Excess estrogen also promotes fluid retention leading to a woman feeling “puffy and swollen” and her clothes not fitting the way she would like them to.

For a woman around her menopausal years, an estrogen dominance can be created when the ovaries stop their production of both estrogen and progesterone. When this occurs estrogen production continues in the fat cells, adrenal glands and liver while progesterone is only made in the adrenal glands. If adrenal function is compromised leading up to or during menopause from a relentless output of stress hormones, it is easy for recycled estrogen and no progesterone to be playing a role in bloating.

If this sounds like you, our Cycle Essentials product may work to reduce or eliminate your bloating. It works to balance sex hormones by promoting good progesterone production and supporting your endocrine system ensuring that you have the right amount of each sex hormone for wherever you are in your menstruation or menopausal process. This can lead to a reduction or a complete eradication of bloating.


An Unhappy Liver

Your liver is responsible for transforming any substance within your body that would be harmful to you if it accumulated – think alcohol, preservatives, pesticides and other artificial substances (we call them “liver-loaders”). If the load on the liver is too great for it to handle, those problematic substances can accumulate and signal to the body to hang onto additional fluid to try to dilute the effects of these toxins.

Our digestion and the health of our gut can also impact on our liver’s efficacy. If we’ve been prone to a touch of overindulgence (as tends to occur over the festive season in particular!), an accumulation of the by-products from the gut can also lead to bloating.

After years of regularly consuming liver-loaders, and/or hormonal or bowel problems, the detoxification pathways of the liver can become congested. This can lead to an estrogen dominance and a recycling of estrogen and cholesterol back through the bloodstream. Excess estrogen alone can lead to bloating, not to mention the ratio between estrogen and progesterone – both through menstruation and menopausal years.

If you’re someone who knows in their heart that maybe they’ve been overindulging through the festive season or who experiences chronic menstrual, menopausal or bowel problems, try Liver Love to help combat your bloating. It promotes efficient detoxification pathways and helps your liver to fully transform problematic substances so that they can be eliminated rather than retained and recycled. It also helps to clear the body of excess estrogen through these elimination processes.


An Accumulation of Waste Products

If our digestion is compromised, it’s likely we aren’t absorbing all the nutrients from our meals. We need a healthy gut and strong digestion to support our elimination pathways. If we lose that and an accumulation of waste products occurs, it may result in IBS type symptoms, inflammation in the gut (and the rest of the body) and an overarching weariness. The consequences of poor digestion will also flow onto other biochemical processes in the body (such as liver function, as explained above) as a healthy gut lies at the heart of all health.

If you feel that your body could use some help with its efficiency in eliminating waste products, Organic Daily Greens and Radiant Reds will help with this and many other processes. The greens aspect of the powder is particularly potent – think of it like a vacuum cleaner for your body, helping your body get rid of the rubbish you don’t need and enhancing your ability to absorb and utilise the nutrients you do.

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