Do you notice you crave sugar or feel as though you retain fluid in the lead up to your period? Perhaps it appears as an increase in anxious feelings, you’re easily tearful or it feels as though you can’t get your breath past your heart. These can often be signs your progesterone levels are low.

Progesterone is such a crucial hormone, especially when it comes to us feeling calm and content, yet in Dr Libby’s two decades of practice she has only ever come across SIX women who had optimal levels.

Progesterone is made by the ovary you ovulated from that month, and a small amount is made by your adrenal glands and some areas of the brain. If we’re experiencing a relentless output of stress hormones, which is an everyday occurrence for many people these days, this can have a significant impact on your progesterone levels.

One way stress impacts progesterone is this: when we experience ongoing stress or worry, our stress hormones communicate to our body that our life is in danger and, therefore, that it isn’t an ideal time for us to conceive. Since progesterone—think ‘pro-gestation’—is linked to fertility, the body thinks it’s doing you a great big favour by producing less of this. But, as progesterone has other roles in the body besides fertility, you can then experience the symptoms of low progesterone (more anxious feelings, fluid retention, PMS, heavy periods) and high cortisol (less muscle mass, more body fat, blood sugar fluctuations, disrupted sleep).

This is why one of the best ways to support healthy progesterone levels is to work on soothing the body’s stress response.

With an understanding of these biochemical processes, Dr Libby formulated Cycle Essentials.

Cycle Essentials

Using a blend of five foods, plants and herbs, Cycle Essentials works with the body to support healthy progesterone production and foster good adrenal function. The specific combination and quality of these ingredients—which have each been scrutinised by Dr Libby—help to nourish the part of the adrenal glands where sex hormones are produced, curb sugar cravings, reduce inflammation and boost energy.

And by strengthening and healing, what is for many, ‘depleted’ adrenal function due to long term stress, the body is able to naturally produce the right amount of progesterone, for you.

Suitable for menstruating women of all ages, and stages of their cycle. Find out more about each ingredient here.